Feed Plate® and FeedBeads

The polymer based release systems for fed-batch feeding. Screen under process-near conditions!

At the bottom of each well of Feed Plate® our proprietary polymer matrix is fixed. The matrix is filled with nutrients such as Glucose. Introduction of other C- or N- sources is possible as well. Getting in contact with your medium the substrate is released in a defined kinetic. Feed Discs allow you to benefit from this technology in shake flask cultures as well.

Quick & precise statements.

From the proprietary polymer matrix, fixed at the bottom of the wells, a wide range of crystalline substances can be released. Since Feed Plate®  is independent from enzymatically driven processes no special media is necessary. Our system is very flexible and no additional variables influence your screening.

Customized release.

Apart from our standard Feed Plate® we offer individual solutions. Standard substrates are glucose, fructose or lactose. Beside this we are able to integrate P- or N-sources or even buffers. Tell us what you need and we will work out a tailored solution for you.

The best strain.

Determine the best strain for your production with Feed Plate®. We offer the polymer-based release system which enables fed-batch feeding of micro­organisms in the screening process.

By approximating the nutrient conditions close to the conditions in your production fermenter false statements can be avoided and scale up is simplified.

Individual substrates and feeds.

The release system is available in common microplate formats and can be adjusted to customer needs as well. Apart from our standard Feed Plate we offer individual solutions. Please inform us which substrate etc. you would like to use. We will develop a tailored solution for you.

Contact us!

Easily integrated.

By using Feed Plate® the disadvantages of batch feeding such as crabtree effect, overflow metabolism or catabolite repression can be avoided. Microbial sideproducts as amylases or proteases do not interfere with the system.

The plates can easily be integrated in established cultivation protocols and are designed to be used with standard lab equipment. Each Feed Plate® is delivered sterile and individually  packed.

Better results.

  • Improves screening results
  • Works in high-throughput application
  • Easy handling
  • No additional equipment needed
  • No additions of enzymes or media
  • Synchronisation of metabolism before screening creates equal initial points


FeedBeads are polymer discs of 12mm size for the application in shake flask cultures.

Getting in contact with your medium the nutrient (glucose or glycerol) will be released in a defined kinetic. By varying the number of discs added to your culture, you can vary the concentration of the nutrient.

Two different release rates for each nutrient are available from the catalog. Customized discs with other substrates or kinetics can be manufactured on request.


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